Timmy Tour Around Dublin

Timmy Tour around Dublin

With my son Jason

20170119_181625 (1)

What a gift to go with my son Jason to the
land, of fairies, leprechauns and legends.

Where the famous Guinness flows,

With a ruby red texture with a head that glows,

Through the black gates with Guinness written in cream,

looking through the store for our ultimate dream.

As we travel from floor to floor learning of this fine brew,

from every fine ingredient and picture my thirst grew,

trying a little sample we had to have more.

We couldn’t wait to pour our first pint on the fourth floor,

disappearing smoothly like milk down my throat,

“Boy I needed that” I said like I had sunk my boat.

Now to the next with food and drink,

We had reached the fifth floor I think,

So let’s go to the sixth I say with a slur,

in my speech to be sure to be sure.

Until we reached the top number seven,

looking over the night lights of Heaven,

realizing we had missed out number six,

it was time to go with my mind in a fix.

Out on the town to hear good music in my ears,

with songs I heard in my younger years,

until it was time for one more tour the next day,

of Dublin this fare city where we lost our way.

Finding more museums and statues of old,

standing in January’s winters sun so cold,

from the statue of sweet Molly Malone,

to many streets laid in coble stone,

walking miles leisurely  round and round,

the day has passed now we’re homeward bound,

after the experience of Dublin and to see much more,

what else can one expect from a Timmy Tour?

To be sure, to be sure.





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