Yes! It’s the 4th July 1776, American Independence day. I wrote this poem back in 2013 and I look back with a sinister eye at the way things seem to turn out.

Independence DayIndependence Day
History and politics have always fascinated me in some way, from trying to understand man’s lust for greed, to realizing the reasons for man’s downfall over the years since history has been recorded.
If we look back and see the Empires that have been dominant over the years from British, Chinese, German, Greek, Roman, and Russian, naming but a few over ancient to present, with American democratic power, we have seen the changes of man, but a lot comes down to the same criteria ‘Greed’, until another power decides they have had enough and want either their independence or want it all for themselves.
This evolution appears to be running at a rate where the inevitable could be upon the human race and sooner than we expect.
Independence Day

This is the year of 1776
When America got out of a fix,
Getting independence from Britain
From then, they shall reign.

From natives shooting with bow and arrow
To guns, bombs and from banks to borrow,
This modern day they are a power to all
But from a great height they will one day fall.

Like any kingdom they celebrate their day
With a celebration they shout loudly “hooray!”
Banging their drums and blowing their bugles
To this day with their Facebooks and Googles.

Even sending rockets and men to the moon
Hoping they could live there one day soon.
But now as the money begins to run out
The East is catching up fast with a clout.

Look at the meaning of Independence Day
Does it sound so sinister in some way?
As other countries try to compete
To battle with all, could end in defeat.



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