I wrote this poem was after watching a film called  ‘A Slave for 12 years.’ And although this was very racially motivated in the past in particular; there has been an increase of using vulnerable people of all races including vulnerable British, of all ages, who haven’t been able to stand up for themselves and fight back.

Bashed and bruised physically and mentally
scarred by my tormentors through eternity.
Sound of drunken laughter from other man,
trying to out-do others the best way he can.

The best production at only my cost,
picking cotton to see other lives lost.
The evil of man pushing others in such a way,
with chains and whips in the heat of the day.

Blood seeping scars in the sun light,
I feel the maggots move during the night,
then told to entertain the guest with laughter,
A mere slave I remain the day after.

As my body grows old and I know the score,
my soul has now gone, I cannot live any more.



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